Conference highlights

The Cavern Club has become one of the most famous music venues in Britain as the club that launched The Beatles.  They played there almost 300 times between 1961 and 1963. 

Today’s Cavern is a thriving live music destination and one of Liverpool’s top tourist attractions, it showcases the legacy of the Beatles and other acts from the area.

  • ISPS conferences are always friendly and inspiring 
  • Liverpool is a wonderful city to visit, richly renovated - the Cavern where the Beatles and many others performed, the Tate Liverpool,  the vibrant waterfront, and much, much more
  • A very exciting and important conference theme:  making REAL change happen
  • Inspiring plenary speakers
  • Multidisciplinary participation, experts by experience and family members, participants from around the globe
  • Lectures, workshops and symposia to suit every interest
  • And much more..........